Are you looking to charge a fee for upcoming reservations? You can add this in Sevenrooms and Peoplevine will ensure to capture this fee before confirming the reservation.

If you add a service fee or gratuity that is required for the reservation, then we will display this to your members.

The fees are calculated based on the default_service_fee or default_gratuity assigned to the reservation multiplied the total time slots in the reservations duration. Since we don't get the total time slots from 7R, but we do get the duration, we will look for the total slot duration on the block duration settings for the scheduler in PV. For example set it to 15 min blocks and there will be 4 per hour. In this case it was £3 per 15 minute increments.

Upon clicking a slot, the member will be prompted to make a payment for this reservation. Please note that we do include member discounts if applicable.

As well they can use a voucher if available.

Once paid they will get a confirmation of the reservation along with it successfully booking in Sevenrooms.

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