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Transaction Reports

This article highlights the latest transaction reports that are available to your accounting team

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Transactions will flow in from multiple channels in Peoplevine. When viewing the transaction, you can click to see more details on the spend. However, you may find it easier to view the source of this data (e.g. Commerce, Events, Donations, Schedulers, etc.). Under the Sell suite, you will find several sections and reports to view this information. A few notable tools include:

  • Order History under Commerce - As orders flow in from your website, F&B experience or your connected POS, you will see a real-time filterable view to help manage your order flow.

Transaction Pivot Reports - This report provides you a breakdown of cash flow based on specific focus areas:

  • Transactions By Billable Item which shows you revenue across channels like event tickets, giftcards, membership dues, F&B orders, etc.

  • Revenue By Category Across Function including how people paid across which categories

  • Transactions By Payment Type + Billable Item to see the breakdown of the type of credit card and other payment methods

  • Tax By Category Across Function similar to above but showing tax collected

Customer Spend Report - Found under the CRM, this provides a real-time view of your top spenders acrosss all functions, e.g. you can find your top spenders in event tickets or F&B.

Gift Cards + Stipends Balance - To identify your liabilities for gift cards, stipends, deposits and more, this tool will provide real-time insight on total spend vs. total available.

The Subscription engine provides reporting on past charged membership dues along with providing insight into future revenue. You can find these links under Sell > Transactions > Subscriptions:

  • View All Subscriptions

  • Subscription Report

  • Service Report

You will also find additional reports located under our reporting engine. These enable you to access a more specific break-down of your data for specific use cases:

  • Member Sales + Sign Up by Employee

  • Touchpoint Activity and Revenue

  • Transaction List by Payment Type

  • Transaction List with Gross/Net Revenue after Taxes Breakout

  • Transactions by Revenue Stream



When orders flow from the POS, what syncs to Quickbooks?

We only sync payments from the POS and PMS when they are processed within Peoplevine. For example if a member pay for their order via the House Account, Stipend or Card on File experience, then this transaction will flow to Quickbooks from Peoplevine. If it's paid at the POS with a physical credit card, cash or other means, we will NOT send this to Quickbooks.

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