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Introduction to Peoplevine
Introduction to Peoplevine

An overview of who we are and what we do

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Welcome to Peoplevine! We are excited that you have chosen us to help manage your customer experience.

Who We Are

At Peoplevine, the journey of our business has always been to service experiences for clients that have the same passions as we do. Technology is what we know; culture is what we love.

Over the years, the members club concept has been reimagined to meet the needs of modern lifestyles, but technology hasn't kept up. We believe our clients deserve a platform that’s just as in touch as they are, so we built a member experience CRM that’s dynamic, multifaceted, and evolved. We’re inspired to help clubs actualize their vision of what’s possible in hospitality.

We’re a team of cultured professionals with backgrounds that go beyond tech. We’ve worked in entertainment, in marketing, in creative arts, and most importantly, in hospitality. Plus, we’re from Chicago — hospitality is in our bones. We understand modern business and we care about making it look, feel, and function better. Whether front-end or back-end, software should deepen the human experience.

What We Do & Who We Work With

Peoplevine is a member experience and client relationship management platform that supports the member and operational side of member-based businesses such as private members' clubs, co-working spaces, and luxury hotels, resorts, and residential buildings.

Module Overview

You can use Peoplevine in every aspect of your member experience. Here is some of what you can expect from us:

Client Relationship Management

  • View profiles of your members

  • Record and view notes left on member profiles to create a seamless member experience

  • Send individual emails and SMS messages to your members


  • Schedule appointments in your amenities like the spa

  • Manage subscriptions

  • Sell products on the eCommerce platform

  • Integrate with your favorite point of sale software


  • Check-in members

  • View recent member activity

  • Create and manage your loyalty program

  • Manage membership options


  • Create and manage landing pages for specific events or marketing efforts

  • Create and manage blog posts

  • Create forms and manage form submissions (including applications)


  • Send one-off text or email messages to members

  • Send text or email blasts to your entire or segmented member base

  • Schedule posts to social media

  • Send notifications for your members


Create email automation that triggers based on:

  • Actions

  • Activities

  • Check-in

  • Important Dates like Birthdays or Anniversaries

  • and more!


Run reports on:

  • Customer Spend

  • Transactions

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Activity

  • and more!

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