Accept Donations
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You can accept donations in any amount within PeopleVine. Simply send your customers to:


  • (for them to donate $100)

  •,500,1000,2500 (to prefill the dollar amounts to donate). If you want to give them the ability to add a specific amount add &allowSpecific=Y. (e.g. /donate?amount=100,500,1000,2500&allowSpecific=Y)
    If you want to supply whom they are donating to, include &donation=NAME in the URL. This data will be stored in the transaction_notes on the transaction (which can be included in the email confirmation).

Once someone submits their donation, they will get a receipt/confirmation that they made a donation. The donation will show up in your transactions as a type "donation".

If you are planning on setting up a vanity URL using the URL direct, then replace donate with donation.aspx (e.g. /donation.aspx?amount=100,500,1000,2500)

Include a Survey When Donating

You can include a survey when someone makes a donation by adding ?survey_no=### to the URL (or &survey_no=### if you already have ? in the URL).

For example,200,300&survey_no=1234.

Send a Thank You Email when Donating

You can send a customized email newsletter to gout after someone makes a donation, either in general to everyone after they donated or if you include a survey on the donation page, you can target that survey completion. To setup the email notification, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Click on Connect > Instant Notification Templates > New Instant Notification Template

  3. Create your newsletter as you normally would.

  4. Once designed, you can then schedule when to send. Click on the "Donation" recipient group

Now when someone makes a donation, they will receive this email.

Setup Your Own Custom Page

You can also setup your own custom page to accept donations. You just need to link to the following page for someone to make a payment:

Where the amount=#### is the amount someone would be donating.

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