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Make your site Bing-friendly (SEO)
Make your site Bing-friendly (SEO)
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Get the most out of your PeopleVine-powered website by registering it with Bing for better SEO.

Add your site to Bing's index:

  1. Enter your URL and click "Submit"

Add Bing Webmaster Tools:

  1. Enter your site's URL under "My Sites" and click "Add"

  2. Enter required info to get to the "Verify ownership for: [your site]" page

  3. Copy your meta tag, listed under "Option 2"

  4. Back in PeopleVine, go to Engage>My Page Layouts

  5. Open your home page layout for editing and paste the copied meta tag

  6. Click "Verify" on the Bing Verify ownership page

  7. In the Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard, go to Configure My Site>Sitemaps

  8. Enter [your URL]/sitemap.xml in the box provided and click submit

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