Customer attributes are the best way to segment your list, add new custom fields to their profile and automate campaigns. They allow you to capture any type of data and automatically attach it to a customer's profile.

There are 3 ways customer attributes can be assigned:

  1. You can add them manually by going to their CRM profile and click on Tag Attribute. You can select from existing attributes and assign custom values to segment them.

  2. Attributes can be tagged when a form is completed. You can setup a new form element and map it to Tag as Attribute. Once that occurs, the CRM record will automatically have this tagged on them.

  3. You can import existing tags by simply adding a new column to your CSV as the tag's name, then adding the value in each row. This will then attach to the customer to further segment your list.

Now that you have these attributes tagged to the CRM profile, you can leverage them to:

  • Segment your users into groups

  • Combine attributes to build filtered down lists

  • Kick-off campaigns to automate your marketing workflow

  • Send newsletters and text messages direct to tagged people

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