What are TouchPoints?
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In short, a "TouchPoint" is any interaction with a customer.

A TouchPoint happens every time a customer interacts with an experience you set up in PeopleVine. For example, a customer answering a survey, writing a review, using a coupon, or earning loyalty points are examples of interactions that would each count as one TouchPoint.

Our pricing plans are based on the amount of TouchPoints used and are separated between billable and non-billable TouchPoints.

Leverage our calculator to determine how many TouchPoints you will need each month.

Below is a list of billable TouchPoints, these count towards your total credits each month. Please note that e-mail TouchPoints are tracked separately from the other TouchPoints and depending on your plan may be included in your total credits.

  • Appointment is Confirmed or Booked: When someone books a specific appointment slot.

  • Contest Participation: When someone plays a contest.

  • Downloading a Coupon: When someone downloads a coupon.

  • Redeeming a Coupon: When someone redeems a coupon.

  • Credits are issued: When credits are issued to someone.

  • Credits are issued after subscription renewed: When credits are re-issued to someone upon a subscription renewal.

  • Registering for an Event: When someone registers for an event.

  • Activating a Membership: When someone joins a membership.

  • Registering for Loyalty Program: When someone joins a loyalty program.

  • Membership Billing Transaction: When someone's subscription to a membership is renewed.

  • Membership Check-In: When a member checks in with their membership card or dining reservation.

  • Received an incoming message: When someone sends you a text message.

  • Order Placed: When someone places an order.

  • Generate Quote: When someone generates a quote.

  • Rewarded Loyalty Points: When someone is rewarded loyalty points.

  • Redeemed Loyalty Points: When someone redeems their loyalty points.

  • Win a Prize: When someone wins a prize.

  • Completing a Review: When someone posts a review.

  • A Successful Service Billing: When someone's subscription to a service is renewed.

  • New Subscription Created: When someone subscribes to a service or membership.

  • Completing a Survey: When someone completes a survey or form.

  • Purchasing a Ticket: When someone purchases tickets for an event.

  • Transaction successfully processed: When a transaction is successfully processed.

  • Text Message is Sent Out (Individual): When you send a text message to someone.

  • Text Message is Sent Out (Mass): When you send a text message newsletter.

  • Email is Sent Out (Mass): When you send an e-mail message newsletter (these are part of your e-mail credits)

  • Keyword Action is executed: When a keyword action is executed

  • Campaign Action is executed: When a campaign action is executed

  • Campaign Action is executed for Dates: When a campaign action is executed for a date based campaign

  • Web Hooks: When a web hook is fired

When you exceed your monthly TouchPoint plan, the platform will automatically renew your subscription for another billing cycle, giving you a refresh on your total TouchPoints. If you do find that this is happening too frequently, you can upgrade your plan to our next level.

You get unlimited page views, unlimited users, unlimited CRM!

You can view a running total and breakdown of your TouchPoints by clicking on TouchPoints in the PeopleVine Control Panel Dashboard:

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