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Multiple Shipments on Orders
Multiple Shipments on Orders
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Peoplevine eCommerce provides you with the capability to add multiple tracking numbers to a single order. This allows you to ship individual line items and even split quantities under different shipments.

To add multiple shipments to an order, follow these steps:

Shipping from the Packing Slip
When you're on the packing slip, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Ship Items button in the upper right hand corner.

  2. Enter the tracking information for this shipment.

  3. Select the quantity next to each item you are shipping out and click Mark Shipped.

Note that as you ship items out, you will no longer be able to select them for another shipment. Once all items are shipped out you won't be able to add another shipment.

Also when shipping from the packing slip, the system will also increment the pull quantity for the line items as well.

Shipping from the Order Receipt
When you're on the order and after it's verified, you will see the Ship Items button under Order Options. Follow these steps to ship the items out:

  1. Click the Ship Items button under Order Options and follow the steps above.

  2. or after you have verified and pulled items, you will then see a Multiple Shipments button displayed in the enter tracking info.

  3. If you enter tracking info here, it will apply to all items on the orders or click Multiple Shipments to ship each line item individually.

When clicking from the Order Receipt page only the shipping records will be updated, not the pull quantity.

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