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How do I get alerted when someone completes a touchpoint?
How do I get alerted when someone completes a touchpoint?
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So you want to be notified when someone completes a touchpoint in PeopleVine? Follow these steps to get alerts setup:

Setup Global Alerts for All Touchpoints
You can setup a global alert which will send you an email as soon as a touchpoint occurs for all items (e.g. for all surveys completed) by following these steps:

1.Click on Hello, Name in the upper right hand corner.

2. Click on View Alerts

3. You will see the alerts you are subscribed to

4. Click on Enable Alerts to be notified anytime that activity is completed.

Setup Alerts for a Specific Touchpoint Completion
You can setup an alert for a specific touchpoint in the system. For example when someone completes the survey "Leave Feedback" we can send a single alert by following these steps:

1. When creating a new item (such as an event), you can check the Notify Me box under Notifications.This will automatically setup the alert for this item to be sent to you upon someone registering.   

2. In our upcoming screens, you will see the Alert Me button. 

3. In our current active view, you will see the Notify Me or Manage Alerts button.When clicking on this button, you will have the ability to assign the alerts to other co-workers.   

To remove alerts, simply click on your name, click View Alerts and then you will see a list of the existing alerts that are in place.

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