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Automatically build your CRM through Forms and Touchpoints
Automatically build your CRM through Forms and Touchpoints
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Adding people to a CRM can become a tedious task, requiring you to import data or even worse, manually type in the data. However with all of the touchpoints and forms in PeopleVine, you can create robust profiles automatically in your CRM after every interaction.

With PeopleVine Forms, you can take answers to certain questions and leverage that data to setup a new CRM profile or add key information to their profile. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Go to Engage > Forms and Surveys > Create a new form

  3. Setup the general info for your form

  4. Then add questions

As you add the questions, you will notice an option that says "Map Response to User's Profile". When selecting this option, you can take the response from the form and automatically add it to their CRM profile. For example, you would add a question called "What is your e-mail address" then choose to map that to "Email Address".

As soon as someone completes this question, not only will we create a new CRM record (or identify their existing one), but it will automatically tie this form responses to their profile.

In the same manner, you can choose "Tag to Profile" which will allow you to start to group people together based on their responses. So if you asked "What's your favorite color?", you can add them to the group "Color" with their response.

Since forms can be attached to almost any touchpoint in PeopleVine, you can start to segment your users, identify preferences and build your CRM without doing any of the work.

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