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Create a custom landing page
Create a custom landing page

This article will show you how to create a custom page and setting it as the landing page when a user completes an action.

Updated over a week ago

Let's say you set up a membership that requires your approval before giving users access, and you would like to give them some information to look over while they are awaiting approval. An easy way to do this is by creating a custom page and then setting it as the landing/confirmation page in the application's settings.

First you want to create your custom page by going to Engage > Set up new page > fill out the fields and click save or create your page in our page builder > click save.

Next you want to go to Engage > Manage forms or applications > select which form you would like to use > click edit > and then choose your newly created page as the confirmation page

click update and then you are good to go. Whenever someone fills out the application, they will be brought to your newly created landing page.

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