Make a Field Required When Signing up as a Member

Make the fields we don't require as required by adding these lines of code to your layout.

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You can manipulate almost anything in the platform by using CSS and Javascript. In this article we'll show you how to set a field as required although it isn't by default. Let's start with subscribing as a member, you'll notice that on the left hand side we supply default fields to identify the member while on the right hand side, you can add any custom question you'd like.

As it pertains to this article, we will focus on the left hand side as you can enable a form field to be required when you setup the form. Lets say you want to make the Your Mobile Number field required.

To do this, you'll need to identify that label's path. In this case it's the label for content_mobile_number.

You can now target this by adding:


This will now display the * to distinguish it as required.

Please note that this is only a visual experience, if you wanted to ensure they entered their mobile number, additional programming will be required.

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