With the member stipend feature, you have the ability to provide your members with spending money for dining, tickets and appointments on a reoccurring or one-time basis.

There are several different ways to providing your members with a stipend.

When setting up your membership program, you can add an amount this member will receive upon becoming a member, under the Member Perks section.

Upon adding the Spending Money under the membership program, you will see this stipend under the Member Perks section.

If you click on the Manage Member Perks, you will see the stipend is already assigned and noted to the member as a $50.00 House Credit.

Stipends can only be used for food and beverage, event tickets, appointments (spa, fitness, sports, etc.) and reservations (space, rentals, etc.).

When a stipend is issued, you will see this under the Gift Card/Stipend Section under Sell.

You can view stipends, gift certificates and rewards certificates as they're being generated.

You can click on Settings to set when a stipend should automatically expire.

To issue a stipend (aside from the automatic process above), you can click on Sell a Gift Card/Issue a Stipend button to issue to a person. Make sure you select the certificate type as Stipend.

Stipends will automatically expire based on your settings along will use a first to expire approach when processing a balance that spans multiple certs.

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