We are in a weird time where members may feel that no or limited access to the club doesn't warrant dues, so you may find people waiting to pay/activate until you re-open. If they do, this new feature will prompt them to pay up to the last 3 months they were inactive/unpaid.

Tough times come for tough rules and it's always best when your software puts it's foot down for you. By activating this new feature, you can require members to cover up to the past 3 months that they are unpaid.

Under the company menu and then platform settings, you'll find the Subscriptions area. Here you'll see an option where you can enable the feature to make members cover up to the past 3 months due.

To clarify, although you can see in the field help area above, if a member fails billing and then tries to re-activate their membership more than a month after their failed billing date, the system will prompt them to cover up to the past 3 months they are due. Please note this also applies for people you put on hold that fail billing.

This is an optional feature that is off by default.

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