Companies can pre-register to be added to your company directory by sharing the following links:

When someone lands on this page, they will first need to either login or register (as a CRM profile is required) and then have the ability to create their entire profile along with associated attributes (if you provide a category, it will only show the relevant attributes).

Once someone is registered, they will be added to your business directory in pending status. They can continue to build out their profile, but it won't be visible to the public until it is set to Active by your team.

Approve a Profile for the Directory

Follow these steps to approve a new profile being added:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Click on directory to view all the items in your directory

  3. You can then filter to only display pending status

  4. Click the edit button

  5. Go to Settings and change the Status to Approved or Inactive

  6. Update the Category

  7. Click Update Business

Your settings will be active immediately.

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