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Setting up Business Attributes to Build a Robust Profile
Setting up Business Attributes to Build a Robust Profile
Updated over a week ago

With business attributes, your members/businesses can setup a more robust profile showcasing what they do. These attributes will allow you and visitors to:

  • Filter in the directory listing (

  • Searchable in the directory pages

  • Display on their profile page

Follow these steps to setup the attributes:

  1. Go to the Company Menu (click on your company name) and go to Attributes

  2. Click New Attribute

  3. Make sure the component is set to Business Directory

  4. Enter the Attribute Label (which is shown on their profile page and in filtering)

  5. Select the Type of Field which allows you to set the options the user can enter

  6. Set the options relevant to this attribute. If you want them to be able to search this attribute, then check the box.

Once these are setup, you can now access them by going to "Build Profile" found on the business menu (in the Control Panel) or they can edit these directly via the My Account / My Companies section.

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