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Allow Partners/Other Businesses to Validate/Check-in Members
Allow Partners/Other Businesses to Validate/Check-in Members
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You can enable the ability for your partners/businesses to validate membership cards via the business tools portal.

On this screen, an authenticated business profile with the right permissions (member-validate) can enter a membership ID or scan the membership card with the appropriate scanner.

To enable this, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. If the business doesn't already existing in the directory, go to Sell > Directory > Register New Business/Brand

  3. Complete the business information and ensure you assign at least one contact (the person who's going to login to access these screens)

  4. Ensure you check the permissions "Validate Membership Card" to provide them with access to do this.

  5. Once the business is setup and a contact is assigned, you can then direct them to the check-in screen at

  6. The user will be prompted to login before they can access the check in feature

If a membership is valid, you will see a green success message that the membership is valid as such:

If a membership is not valid, we will provide either the current status or that the membership number doesn't exist along with a red error message as such:

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