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Transactions: an overview
Transactions: an overview

Track your revenue, see popular products and customer spend habits through the transactions engine

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Our Transactions and Subscriptions engines will become your accounting team's best friend. The Transaction engine will report on all revenue generated since you started charging people within Peoplevine while the Subscription engine will provide predictability based on upcoming membership dues.

When taking a payment in Peoplevine, your staff will be provided with a few options, several of these need to be enabled and/or available in the customer's account. In addition on your website, your members will have the ability to check out via a few (verified) methods. These methods include:

  • Credit Card - direct validation with your processor (Staff + Member)

  • ACH - direct validation with your processor and must be enabled (Staff + Member)

  • Wire - to track a wire by number for auditing purposes (Staff only)

  • Cash - to track cash payments for auditing purposes (Staff only)

  • Paper Check - to track check payments by number for auditing purposes (Staff only)

  • Voucher - to track using a voucher or other redemption method for auditing purposes (Staff only)

  • Gift Certificate - allows a member to use their gift card, stipend or deposit (Staff + Member)

  • Entry - for last resort auditing purposes (Staff only)

  • Invoice - enable a member to pay at a later date with a House Account (Staff + Member's have to be enabled)

You will find these transactions and payment types when charging a person and reporting on charges in the Transaction engine.

Every transaction that takes place through PeopleVine (product sales, service transactions, recurring billing, donations, etc..) are tracked in the Transaction dashboard [ Sell > View Transactions ].

View Transactions

The Transaction engine provides screens and reports for transparency on how you receive payment including payment type, timeframe, receivables, processor confirmation, etc. Here are some of the reports we suggest, they can ALL be found under Sell > Transactions:

  • View All Transactions - A raw view of the transactions as they enter our system. You can filter the data with live filtering including transaction type, card type, date charged, transaction amount and more, in addition to quick YTD, LY, MTD, LM and other useful reports.

Follow these steps to generate a live report and/or export of your recent transactions:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Go to Sell > Transactions > View Transactions

  3. Select the options to filter the data that you need, note that we do set some defaults.

  4. Hit apply and you'll see all the data matching your filters.

Transactions will flow in from multiple channels in PeopleVine. When viewing the transaction, you can click to see more details on the spend. However, you may find it easier to view the source of this data (e.g. Commerce, Events, Donations, Schedulers, etc.). Under the Sell suite, you will find several sections and reports to view this information. A few notable tools include:

  • Order History under Commerce - As orders flow in from your website, F&B experience or your connected POS, you will see a real-time filterable view to help manage your order flow.

Transaction statuses

Below are a breakdown of transaction statuses:


  • Authorized = pre-authorization for a payment has been taken

  • Charge Back = charge was disputed by the individual bank account or reversed within the payment processor: please review the transaction notes for details as to why

  • Declined = payment was unsuccessful: please review the transaction notes for details as to why

  • Error = transaction could not be processed: please review the transaction notes for details as to why

  • House account = payment captured on the 5th of the month (all open invoices)

  • Invoiced = an invoice has been generated

  • Invoice payment = a payment has been made toward a house account charge

  • Invoice paid = payment is received for past invoice

  • Processed = payment has been successful

  • Processing = awaiting an update from the processor (usually for GoCardless)

  • Refunded = a refund was processed by your team: further details can be found in the transaction detail

  • Voided = charge was reversed via the payment processor OR the invoice was voided by your team

Export Transactions

  1. To export this data, click on the Export Data button.

  2. We will carry over all your existing filters and select some default fields, but you can change these.

  3. Scroll down and find or search for the fields you'd like to include

  4. Click Generate Report to generate a link to download a CSV of your data

  5. You can also enter a name and click to Save the Report to generate in a few clicks in the future.

You can also use variables for date ranges in the criteria field. We recommend you select the "between" option and use one of the variables below if you're going to save the report.

Available Variables
These variables can be placed in specific fields:

  • {@thisMonthStart@}

  • {@thisMonthEnd@}

  • {@nextMonthStart@}

  • {@nextMonthEnd@}

  • {@lastMonthStart@}

  • {@lastMonthEnd@}

  • {@today@}

  • {@today:addDays(#)@}

  • {@today:addMonths(#)@}

  • {@today:addYears(#)@}

Declined transactions

Every transaction that happens through PeopleVine (product sales, service transactions, recurring billing, donations, etc..) are all kept track of in the Transaction dashboard [ Sell > View Transactions ].

To view declined transactions use the search filtering and change Transaction Status to "Declined". The search query will return all declined transactions and you can click on the Transaction ID (next to the customer name) to view the complete details of the declined transaction. The reasoning/response is returned from your payment processor / merchant.

You may also have strict settings in place which we recommend you consider disabling to avoid transactions being declined.

Login to your payment processor and look for AVS and CVV settings. Make sure you review those settings to ensure they are not blocking correct payments.

If you are billing subscriptions each month, you will need to remove your CVV settings that decline transactions without a CVV as the CVV is not supplied on recurring billing.

View Open Invoices

Open Invoices - You can either click on the Total Transactions next to their name to their open intoices or go to the Open Invoices report to see all open invoices. Quickly filter by date, amount or other methods to see who still owes you money. This is the same report we use for transactions, but we filter by the status of Invoiced.

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